The Significance of Family Photographs


We all remember the good old times when getting family portraits done during holidays, weddings and other important occasion. Don’t we? As kids, we all hated it because we had so much to do. Why dress up and get your picture taken?

After growing up now being parents ourselves looking back at those pictures tell us a story. One photograph could be a normal even insignificant occurrence but looking at it years later tells us a lot about that time. Small but valuable memories are precious to look at. Accumulation of pictures becomes a photo story or essay

If a house catches fire, people have been known to risk their lives for their any family members or pets stuck inside and the most sought-after item to be saved are family photo albums and family portraits. Sometimes we do not realize their significance before its too late.

Like family storytelling, general photography done during special occasions and weddings, couple portraits and family portraits indicate the relationships among and within the family. Also it is an easy way to initiate people outside of family into your family history especially potential family members like sister-in-law to be, fiancés etc.  Photographs allow knowledge of family traditions and structures.

Most often, we go looking for old pictures and photo albums when we lose someone close to us. It is only natural that we want to be reminded of the good times and we look at pictures to help us remember. Pictures help us to cope with change and also know how far we have come. Going through these captured moments can be both upsetting and comforting at the same time. Sometimes there are no good pictures of a special occasion. With everyone having a camera phone now more than often pictures are blurred, not of great quality with busy backgrounds.

With photographs, you can pass down your history, your memories and all those people who accomplished so much to keep you together from one generation to other. Seeing photographs of your child graduating, or christening of your grand-daughter does something to you right? It fills your heart with warmth and pride. With photographs, you can travel back in time and relive all those times all over again and you are reminded what matters and how fast time is slipping through your fingers.   Family portraits can manifest emotions that words cannot.

By allowing your kids to see photographs of the past and present, they also get connected to the family legacy. They know who came before them and helped in shaping the world, family and persons they see today. Like memories, photographs are part of our legacy. Hold them close and pass this gift down.

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